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Washlet Retro Fitting

TOTO Washlets can sometimes be fitted to existing suites (also known as ‘retro fitting’). We only recommend Washlets are fitted to TOTO pans, as TOTO guarantee the shape and brackets will fit the Elongated, D, and Round shaped suites.

However, we understand it is not always practical to replace an existing toilet suite. While the shape of the TOTO Washlet is not going to match the shape and length to your existing suite, you can still achieve the comfort, hygienic cleansing, and quality of the TOTO range by installing the Washlet only.

The newly released TCF6630AT (w/ side control) and TCF6530AT (w/ remote control) are the most versatile of the Washlet collections for retro fitting due to the generic shape. All the Elongated and D Shape Washlets can be retrofitted using the new adjustable brackets.

Using the links below, you can download the dimensions and follow the guidelines with measurements.

washlet-retrofit-tcf6630-6530          (Round Washlets)

washlet-retrofit-tcf641x-473x            (Elongated and D Shaped Washlets)

You will need to confirm the following:

  • Approximate shape to suit pan (Elongated, D Shape, or Round)
  • (1) Bracket holes for seat need to be 135-225mm apart (Elongated TCF6411 or TCF4731 D shape TCF6412 TCF4732); 155mm apart OR in fixed seat position 140-175mm (Round TCF6630 TCF6530), allowing +-5mm tolerance. (The adjustable bracket is an additional purchase with Washlets TCF641/2 TCF4731/2)
  • (2) From the rear of the two bracket holes for seat, there must be a minimum 50-55mm to front of cistern
  • (3) Check the overall length of the pan, from the front of the cistern to the edge of the pan
  • (4) Single cold water point stop tap is required, should always be on the left hand side as you face the pan. The installer may be required to fit a hooker valve to gain necessary length
  • (5) TCF6411/2 has RH power point, TCF6630 TCF6530 & TCF4731/2 have LH power point

While fairly simple to install (providing correct dimensions and an existing stop tap), we specifically advise it is installed by a plumber, and that a GPO is fitted by an electrician according to the plumbing and electrical regulations in your state. Our 220v Australian supplied cords MUST NOT be hardwired, or warranty is voided. The 500mm metal threaded hose must not be replaced, though installer can add an extension hooker valve as required. Attempting to change the hose will void the warranty. We can only recommend that TOTO Washlets are installed on a matching TOTO suites, as we are unable to guarantee they will be fit for purpose if installed on another suite. There are no returns for change of mind, Washlets not fitting an existing suite, or for aesthetic reasons once installed.

Please contact the showroom for further information. While unable to guarantee a retro fitted Washlet will be fit for purpose, we are more than happy for you to send images of the existing toilet, so we can advise which model is likely to suit. Final confirmation of suitability is subject to the installer.

03 9872 6698 (during business hours)

How to install a Washlet seat

(A general guide only for qualified plumbers only. Images may differ slightly from Australian supplied products)


1) Remove the old toilet seat.

Make sure to clean the surface around the mounting holes.


2) Install the Washlet seat mounting bracket.

Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, tighten the screws just snug enough to allow movement so you can adjust it to align the seat.


3) Slide the Washlet on the bracket.

Make sure you slide the Washlet seat back into the bracket until you hear it click. Center the seat then tighten the bracket.


4) Connect the Washlet’s hose to water stop tap with supplied back flow prevention valve.

Be sure to turn off the water supply then flush the toilet to relieve pressure. Not installing the back flow prevention valve (AKA dual check valve) or alternatively installing an external RPZ valve, could potentially contaminate the drinking water supply.

5) Turn the Washlet on.

Turn your water back on and plug the unit in. The LED lights will let you know when it’s ready.


IMPORTANT: Images and instructions above are general in nature and are not necessarily the same for all models. Refer to specific installation instructions supplied with purchased Washlet. Any damage to a Washlet caused by installation to an existing toilet suite is NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY, and TOTO Victoria WILL NOT BE LIABLE for any damage to the existing toilet suite. TOTO Warranties only apply to the Australian supplied TOTO fittings and we cannot provide service or advice for any products illegally imported from overseas.